Bachelors Of Science ( Information Technology )

COURSE COMPOSITION OF THE THREE YEAR INTEGRATED B.Sc. (Information Technology) DEGREE COURSE (3 Years Degree Course) (Total 6 Semesters, 2 Semesters per year)

This is three years degree course of the University of Mumbai giving scope in specialization in the field of Information Technology And admissions to the course will be conducted as per the guidelines and schedule announced by the University of Mumbal.
A Candidate for being eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Science Information Technology Degree Course should have passed he H.S.C. (Std.XII) Examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent with MATHEMATICS & STATISTICS as one subject and should have secured not less than 45% marks in aggregate and 40% marks in aggregate in case of reserved candidates, at one and the same sitting.
Candidate who have passed Diploma (Three years after S.S.C. X th Std.) in Information Technology/Computer Technology / Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Electrical, Electronics and Video Engineering and Allied Branches /Civil and Allied branches are eligible for direct admission to the Second year of the B.Sc. (I.T.) degree Course. However, the Diploma should be recognized by the Board of Technical Education or any other recognized Government Body. Minimum marks required 45% aggregate for open category candidates and 40% aggregate for reserved category candidates.
Candidates with post HSC-Diploma in Information Technology/Computer Technology/ Computer Engineering. Computer Science. And Allied branches will be eligible for direct admission to the Second Year of B.Sc. I.T. However, the Diploma should be recognized by the Board of Technical Education or any other recognized Government Body. Minimum marks required 45% aggregate for open category candidates and 40% aggregate for reserved category candidates Students coming from any other State Board in India will also be admitted to F.Y.B.Sc.(I.T.) Class . However, they will be required to produce Provisional Statement of Eligibility obtained from the Eligibility Section, University of Mumbai, Vidyanagari , Kalina or they will be admitted Provisionally subject to the Submission of Eligibility Form and the Demand Draft towards the Eligibility Fees as per the University Circular No. Elg /Cir/(39)/561 /2008 dated 22-5-2008.

Growth In Video Game News Industry

Video game industry has emerged as one of the biggest industries of the world. There is so much which goes around it whether it”s a company launching its Play station or social gaming. Every new day comes with a new happening in this world which widens the scope of video game news in the present era.

This interactive entertainment took birth around 1970 when computers were introduced. It used to be a hobby for the computer users to play the games then. Afterwards having a personal computer became necessity and those simple games turned obsolete. By 1980 home made and home computing games took everybody”s attention.

The first magazine to cover the video game industry came in 1974. It was known as Play Meter and covered entire entertainment industry. And the first magazine committed only to video game news appeared in 1981 in UK which was named Computer and Video Games. Another which followed it was, Electronic Games magazine, launched in US.

Great Jobs Available In My Area And Yours As Well

Great jobs are just a few clicks away! Believe me, although you may be thinking that job seeking will be a chore, and also that these days there are probably no great jobs still available in my area, you must not be defeatist in your outlook. Keep applying and you WILL get a good job.

For example a local trader is advertising near us saying; Apply now and you could be joining one of our outstanding stores where customers love to shop.

Jobs available in my area are more attractive to me than working in good places. While the first step is all about writing out performance profiles, it’s also about not making the common bloomers of the hiring process.

Immigration To Canada Documents (part 2)

Gathering forms and documents

You may be asking yourself: what happens next? Well, once your application is received, it will be evaluated. If the application is complete, then you will receive an Acknowledgment of Receipt. Once you receive this document, you don’t have anything to worry about!

Do you know why? Because if the Pass-Mark changes, your application would not be affected! After you receive this document, you will have several days (even a few months) to gather your supporting documentation. I strongly recommend following the steps on this section to prepare your supporting documents even before they are requested by the Visa Officer.

How Can I Achieve Success in Different Professions With a Bachelors of Science Degree and What are They

Nowadays a lot of students in different colleges try to understand their own voice and they require a lot of time to find their likings and preferences. Some of them enjoy Linguistics, some of them try to find themselves in Medicine, an some go in for Science. But all professions that refer to these areas require a definite level of knowledge. It is the well known fact that there are such degrees as Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D. degrees. As to the statistics the two latter degrees are preferable for the most professions but still there are some exceptions when you can find a job with a Bachelor Degree, especially with a Bachelor Degree of Science. In science there are a lot of fields in which you can choose your own profession and make a successful career. There are some of jobs mentioned below which can bring you success and enjoyment if you like science.

The Vacant Position of Science Teacher

With a bachelor degree of science you can definitely get a profession of science teacher. Being at this position you can be a full time teacher if your state permits this. But there are some states when you need a higher degree to be a full time teacher. In this case you can be a teacher but in parallel with getting a higher degree. Besides it is required to have some educational skills. You can get such skills while attending some special courses devoted to the study of childs psychology and his ability to accept the material at the definite age and also these courses provide the knowledge of how to behave with children.

Few Sharing About Importance Of Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can be use to change the world.- Said by Nelson Mandela Now a day we are living in highly competitive environment in all aspects of our life. In every field people need to be well educated, Illiterate people face so many problems. Education is highly important not only for career point of view, but also in all other aspects. Now a day’s people do not understand the importance of education in initial stages of their life, but later they are likely to know and feel when they grow up and become responsible. The sense of judgment and decision taking always depends upon the education.

The whole personality of person depends upon the level up to which the person has gained education. Education is an important human activity. We can learn many things from our surrounding. I have stated some important points which will explain the importance of education in our day today life: Education will help the person to understand cultural, social, national heritage. Proper education will help a person to become better citizen of particular area. Education will improve the citizenry values in a person. With the help of the education person will understands the duties and responsibilities that a citizen is supposed to perform and understand deeply. Education will help the person to build or plan good future. The skills and knowledge gained from the education will help the person to build great future in the terms of future and personality. If the person want to get good job and better life, need to be well educated. Awareness is an important aspect in any society, without proper education people may not understand the things in right way. Thinking methods of the people in an area depend upon their education, they may not think advanced until and unless they are properly educated. There are so many things getting place in every day. If the people not well educated they may not able to identify the right elements.

Proper awareness come with the proper education and with the proper awareness, a person can understand and react to the situation in a proper manner. Every person takes decision almost all through in their life time. These decisions are related to the numerous incidences in their life. Person may not take right decision until and unless he/she are educated enough to understand the gravity of various situations in their life. To take right decision in any situation in any field, the person must be educated. Education will help the people to think in an open and knowledgeable mind. If he/she have proper education in any topic they can easily participate in any type of discussions. The education will help them to think and make fairly good picture of the topics that are being discussed around them. Without proper education, people won’t involve themselves in such discussion. It means that proper education will give them confidence to put their opinion in front of others. Henceforth education is a must factor for each and every individuals.

History Of Criminology

Exploring the History of Criminology

To many people interested in the roots and origin of Criminology, Lombroso is considered to be the father of the science, meaning that he explored it and examined it from many angles in order to expose it. It was first used by a law professor in Italy, Raffaele Garofalo, who actually used the Italian term for the word, criminologia. A French anthropologist also used the term around the same time as Garofalo, who referred to the term as criminology. There are some who believe that it is possible that the study of bumps on an individuals skull, referred to as Phrenology, is a better mark of representation when it comes to the scientific origins of the term. Lombroso is considered to be the father of criminology because of the many advances that he attempted to make in the field. If not for him, criminology might not be as developed as it is today.

Over time, many different theories were composed as to what caused criminal behavior. These theories have their roots in biology, psychology, and society, to name a few. Over time, by using these foundations for new theories, different schools of thought began to emerge. Through these different schools of thought, the theoretical science of the criminal element could be rationalized. Individuals often debate in order to attempt to define the reason for crime, so that it may then be eliminated by solving the problem of what causes crime. By identifying and responding to the motivator for crime and deviant behavior, more effective measures of social control could be put into action. Currently, we are able to take care of the symptoms of crime. For example, we have police officers who catch criminals. When found guilty by a panel of their own peers, the criminal will go to jail. That takes the criminal out of society. However, there are new criminals emerging every day. We have learned to treat the symptoms, the individual criminals, but we have not yet been able to determine the instigating factor in these developments.

Distance Learning Business Degrees Bring You One Step Closer to the Happiness With Your Career You

Do you believe that you’re stuck working a dead-end job? You’re unable to advance because you’re lacking a formal education. The 40 hour plus weeks come and go, and the financial requirements of a family make it more or less impossible to attend college. How ever many find that a distance learning business degree allows them to achieve more success.

Many distance learning programs provide financial aid for those students that qualify. This reduces the stressor of having to come up with the money to pay for a degree when you’re ready to take the plunge. Most online colleges which are accredited by the regional accreditation agency offer the same resources as a traditional brick and mortar college.

Distance learning programs are developed with the individual who doesn’t have time to attend regular classroom studies. The majority of programs offer the same classes as brick and mortar schools, and provide ample interaction with online instructors when working through a distance learning business degree. The biggest benefits of these programs are the ability to work at your speed, continuing to work at your current job, and still having time with your family and friends all while working towards graduating with a distance learning business degree.