The Magic Of Numerology

Numerology is the study of numbers and the relationship between numbers and certain characteristics of an individual’s personality. The earliest and most original intellectual discovery of Man is the concept of numbers. The set of numbers from 1 to 9 which was complemented by the most unique concept of zero which is the contribution of ancient Indian philosophers to the world. With numbers came Mathematics which is essentially an abstract concept and Mathematics then invaded all branches of human knowledge and strengthened it and also made it possible to develop the applied sciences which then can be used for the improvement and upliftment of human life in general.
Numbers have no real or physical significance. It is a symbol only. Using these symbols all mysteries of nature can be revealed. The art and science of numerology has evolved in all ancient civilization- Ancient Egyptian civilization or Mayan civilization. The kavala numbers in ancient Jewish civilization have all developed there own numerology science. The Vedic philosophers used the concept of magic squares to create numeric Yantras for different rituals and prescriptions. Based on all these ancient knowledge, the modern numerology science has evolved during the 19th century and early 20th century. One of the pioneers of modern numerology is the famous numerologist Cheiro whose book on numerology is one of the most popular books on the subject.
The common philosophical concepts behind Numerology are as follows:
All numbers are mystical symbols of cosmic energy.
Each number is connected with a particular celestial body like sun, moon etc. and is influenced by these celestial bodies. These celestial bodies emit measurable vibrations which can exert influence through the temperament.
Each number provides some significant key to human personality and behavior and action.
Each number has both good and bad influence associated with it.
Every person has a unique feature the only thing that is required is to have a proper guidance. Our name, date of birth and various other factors play an important role to mold a real you. It is thus important to know if Numbers play an important role and if a name change can bring a difference in our life in a positive way.

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A Short Introduction Of Indian Tv Channels

There are a number of Indian TV channels. The small screen programming commenced in the early 1980s and since then Indian television channels have grown in leaps and bounds. Initially it was only the Doordarshan , a national channel that served as the source of information and entertainment. However, with the introduction of satellite television the scenario altered. Several TV channels came into existence and these were available in various Indian languages, such as, Hindi language , Bengali language , Tamil language, Kannada language, Oriya language, Telugu language etc. The Indian TV channels broadcast serials, news, sports and several other shows.
Ramayana and Mahabharata were the first major television series that were aired. These two serials notched up the world record in terms of viewer ship. By the end of 1980s, more and more people began to own television sets. Television programming had reached its saturation as there was an only one channel. Hence the government introduced another channel, which partly had national programming and partly regional. This channel was termed as DD 2 later DD Metro. Both channels were broadcast terrestrially. It was in the year 1992 that five new channels belonging to the Hong Kong based STAR TV provided a fresh breath to the Indian television. MTV, Star Plus, BBC, Prime Sports and STAR Chinese Channel were the 5 channels in those days. In south India the first private channel to be introduced was the Sun TV. Today it airs programmes in four different languages: Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. On the other hand, Zee TV was the first private owned Indian channel to be broadcasted in the country. A few years later CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel were launched for the audience. Star also introduced other channels like Star World, Star Sports, ESPN and Star Gold. Over the years, several regional Indian TV Channels flourished along with other Hindi channels and some English channels. By 2001, HBO and History Channel were the other international channels that entered India. By 2001-2003, more international channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, VH1, Disney, etc. came in the country.
The year 2003 marked the boom of authentic news channels in India. Aastha TV is one of the most popular socio-spiritual-cultural television channel broadcasting Indias rich heritage and currently. This channel reaches over 20 million households with viewer ship that exceeds 100 million. Aaj Tak is Indias number one news channel pioneered by TV Today Network Ltd. It is a 24-hour Hindi news television channel in India that has earned the tag line Nations Best News Channel due to its hard-line journalism and cutting edge reporting. Star News is Indias is the Hindi language News channel of Star group India. The channel presents an amalgamation of rolling news bulletins and specialised shows covering topics from crime to Cricket. Cartoon Network India is arguably the most popular cartoon-dedicated television channel in India. It airs English and Hindi-dubbed versions of a variety of cartoons. Discovery Channel is a cable and satellite TV channel distributed by Discovery Communications that provides non-fiction programming focused on science, history and nature. ETV Network is one of the largest networks of satellite television channels in India and is owned by the popular media baron Ramoji Rao. Based at Hyderabad, the network runs a group of 12 regional language news and entertainment channels. HBO Asia is a franchise of HBO in Asia. It is a joint venture of media giants Viacom, Sony HBO Pictures Entertainment, Time Warner and Universal Studios. Zee TV is one of the Indian TV Channels that is India-based satellite television channel and falls under the Zee Network umbrella. This channel carries broadcasts in Hindi and Urdu. The channels programming caters to all segments of audience, including primetime comedy and drama series, movies, miniseries, theatrical films, specials, childrens programmes, game shows, and late night shows. Sony is one of the countryspopular channels. The programming covers genres including dramas, reality shows, comedies, thrillers, Bollywood movies and events etc. Star Plus is one of the most widely viewed Indian TV channels. This general entertainment television channel is a part of the STAR TV networks offering a wide array of programming. Apart from these various new channels have been introduced to the Indian small screen, such as 9X Entertainment, UTV Movies, NDTV Imagine, NDTV Profit, Neo Sports, Star Anando, Star Jalsa, Star Pravah, Bhakti TV, Maa TV, IBN Lokmat, Star Majha, Colors, etc. Besides these several cartoon channels are now also available in regional languages, like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and others. With passing time the faces of entertainment will alter; and with it new channels will be launched to keep the audience entertained.

Childbrite Science Center

Frog Habit, bug habitat, worm farm, butterfly house, salamander and craw fish observatory, you name it your child will discover it all with the Childbrite Science Center. Teach your child about metamorphosis by showing him in real time the development of a caterpillar or a tadpole. Turn your Science Center into a little green house and teach your child about how plants grow. They can even watch as the roots grow from underneath the clear plastic base.

Frog habitats are fun. And most children, at some point, will catch a frog or tadpole and try to keep it, with or without your permission. They will probably find a bucket, hide it in their little fort in the woods, try to feed it and care for it until the next adventure presents itself. You can imagine the frog dismay when he realizes he has been forgotten about. The Childbrite Science Center offers a safe supervised environment for the frog, where your child can learn about what a frog or tadpole actually eats. Perhaps your child might even come to understand that even though they might have found their frog in the water, he does actually need some solid ground to rest on.

Worm Farms are a great use of the Childbrite Science Center. First of all worms are really easy to take care of. You can feed them pretty much anything, old fruit, vegetables, dead leaves even egg shells, paper, banana peals, the list goes on. I dont, however, recommend meat it tends to stink. Kids love to watch the icky worms slithering through the dirt. They might ask questions like, how do worms move without any legs? Or, how do they see without any eyes? Do your homework before you choose your creature to observe or science project. Your kids already think you are supper smart and this is your chance to show off. Another great thing about worms is the fact that they live under ground. This leaves room for another science adventure on the surface. Watch your worms crawl through the roots of your bean plant experiment or just bring life to the bottom half of the aquarium in your beetle observatory.

The most classic use of the Childbrite Science Center is the Butterfly Habitat Experience. This project can bring a lot of fun creatures together. You have dirt with worms in it, plants with vegetables growing form them, and a caterpillar eating the leaves. Your child will be captivated by the caterpillar chomping on so many leaves, mesmerized when it covers itself with a cocoon, and imagine your childs excitement when they see the butterfly for the first time after your were right along side of them explaining how metamorphosis works. The best part of this whole process is trying to get them to say metamorphosis.

Take your kids for a hike and explore the world and the creatures in it. Children have the gift of wonder and awe and when they are still small, we are lucky as parents to be able to share their experiences with them. Finding the creature to be observed is half the fun. The Childbrite Science Center is only meant to enhance this experience you had with your kids and to take it one step farther. When they wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is check their worms, you know that the experience they had with you will stay with them. This is the joy of the Childbrite Science Center.

The Effects Of Planet X

There is a recently discovered planet that came from the far most areas of the solar system and is hurtling towards Earth, the planet is renowned as Planet X and is considered to be one of the greatest threats to the world today. But what do we know about Planet X and how destructive can it be to people and all living creatures on Earth?

Planet X, or also known as planet Nibiru, was first discovered during the early 1980s by a group of NASA astronomers. The discovery was made by using high-tech infrared sensors that are equipped in their observatories and satellites. At the time the planet is seen near the Kuipers belt and is discovered to be moving slowly towards the inner reaches of the solar system. Planet X or better known today as planet Nibiru 2012 has gained its momentum and is currently known to be a couple of years shy away from making its destructive arrival here on Earth, in 2012.

People say that the effects of the intrusion of Planet X or the 12th planet, as some people prefer to call it, will be devastating. Apocalypse theorists even go so far as saying that the effects trump those of the bible predictions. These effects include billions of deaths, widespread natural disasters, famine, solar flares, wars and a lot more. These catastrophic effects of Planet X will take place when it finally reaches the Earth. This is the reason why Planet X has been associated to a lot of doomsday theories such as the Mayan Apocalypse theory and galactic alignment 2012 end of the world theories.

The ancient Mayan calendar has a long count that at the end of which something big, unexplained and very troubling will happen, and the end of that long count cycle is on December 21, 2012. And this has caused a lot of people to believe that the impending arrival of Planet X is the big and mysterious thing that will happen two years from now, resulting in more believers in the Mayan prophecy. Several ideas on how to prevent the arrival of Nibiru, such as the intervention theory, has been discussed and the skeptics are every day looking for holes in the predictions but because of the Mayan, Aztec and Sumerian culture is infamous for their highly developed knowledge in astronomy and mathematics, the 2012 Mayan prediction has more people believing as the year approaches. The ancient Mayan prophecy may be true, or it may be faulty but it does not belie the fact that Planet X is coming and as the days go by, slowly reveals itself as a menace to the Earth’s existence; the question now is, is there any way that we can prevent it?

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Risk management programs are an important part of any organization in the recent times. Emergency is unpredictable. It affects your business as well as employees. It can occur anytime and simply cannot be avoided. It is important for any organization is to prepare policies and procedures for emergency management. An emergency at the workplace is the situation that exposes employees and the company. It may lead to physical and material damage. In addition, it may also affect your business including a daily system and routines of the business may be affected by this situation.

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Online Computer Science Schools

Computer Architecture and logic design: This area deals with the knowledge of how a computer processor works and how is uses its resources to solve computational problems by breaking complex code down to minor mathematical and logical problems. This area includes digital design, automata, architecture and compilation.


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Tutor Things To Consider When Hiring a Tutor

Education has always been a priority of the human race since time immemorial. Progressing in education and knowledge can grant a person immeasurable benefits in the fields they pursue in their later life. Education opens many pathways and avenues for young and old people alike to improve their social status and better their quality of life. Each of us has participated in some schooling in our lives and most of us have attended large public institutions. Being a student in these environments is challenging on many levels. If your child or someone you know is struggling in their education, you may be in need of an accomplished tutor.

When you are making a decision about a possible tutor, there are all kinds of things to consider. One of the first priorities is the affordability of the services. If you are sure that your child will benefit from tutoring, be sure that you hire professionals who offer services at reasonable prices. Another aspect of this type of service to consider is the student to practitioner ratio. Many regular classrooms have one teacher to several students, but many tutoring services are sure to offer a one-to-one correspondence. This can give your child or whoever requires the service a more personal approach to improving their education.

This type of one-on-one tutoring option can have several marked benefits. It offers options of your own developed curriculum, which means that you get to choose what you will cover and what type of depth this coverage will entail. This option also involves a personalized and flexible scheduling program. Our lives in the modern world are very complex and busy. It is important that the tutoring service you employ can cater to your scheduling needs. Make sure that they can service your child or the appropriate person when you can fit it in. Keeping this in mind can help you choose the very best tutoring option.

These types of leading-edge tutoring techniques can help your child perform at improved levels very quickly. By personalizing instruction to your own curriculum, you can get ahead of the academic game. The superiority of this model has been demonstrated. By working with students outside of the traditional avenues, they can be freed from peer pressure concerns and other undue intimidations. This type of professional service can help your child succeed exceedingly well in the classroom and the benefits can go beyond their traditional schooling. Working with the student to develop their own pace of progress also allows the student to enjoy benefits quickly and easily.

Finally, when you choose a tutor be sure that this person can work collaboratively with you and the child’s other instructors to cater to his or her specific needs. If you have a good idea of what you desire from tutoring, you can communicate this to people who listen well and you can develop your own personalized education strategy and plan. This refreshing technique is offered by professional tutors in the new market. They provide flexible, forward-thinking solutions to education’s perennial problems. This type of individualized solution can help you get the most benefits from the tutoring option you choose.

A Start At Filling The Leadership Gap

There is a large gap in leadership between what has been demonstrated and what most feel is required. Many leaders also hold this same perspective. The problem is, they don’t know how to get from their current leadership capability to the skill level they know they need in order to get their jobs done well.

Leadership is not management; it is human energy stimulation and ignition. Management is not leadership; it is human energy structuring for accomplishment. However, leadership without management is ineffective and management without visionary leadership is lifeless and ordinary. It takes both to reach the level of effective accomplishment we expect and demand today. You can think of leadership as a pump for energy from the individual employees into an organization. Management in this analogy would then be the plumbing to direct and focus that energy for task completion. It takes both energy and task completion for any company to be effective. It takes deep insight, vision, and synchronization to build a company that is great.

Vision draws a picture for everyone in the company and says, “This is what the end result for us will look like.” If that picture is clear and thoroughly communicated and each individual in the company understands and identifies with it for their own needs and values, then they are inspired. Inspiration is the best way to bring energy into any company. It is the most powerful way to provide energy for accomplishment. Fear, mundane job effort, and excitement are also human energy sources that show up in organizations. None of these except inspiration, however, have the duration, volume, intensity and natural effort alignment required for greatness to come out.

In order to achieve a well-conceived vision, deep insight is needed. Deep insight requires thorough market, company, and competitive understanding. The interesting capabilities that insight and vision require are empathy and intuition. Customers, employees, vendors and even competitors buy, move, and act from emotion. Empathy gives leaders an understanding of each group’s individual range of possible emotional motives. Intuition provides leaders insight into the array of choices that could be made. These two learnable skills provide leaders with the ability to build and articulate a vision and to prepare structured descriptions for employees to easily see, grasp, and identify with. Once this aligning identification is accomplished, the formal and informal conversations that occur lead to an increasing level of employee engagement with the vision’s accomplishments for the customers and for themselves. Deeper engagement stimulates and releases more energy for alignment, commitment, and achievement. This release and ignition of human energy is the purpose of leadership development and vision that deep insight generates. Aligning and coordinating inspired human energy with the tasks for vision achievement is management’s purpose.

When leaders in this world gain the skills of empathy and intuition for deep insight and inspiration, they will be much more successful. When enough leaders and organizations also learn the management skill of continually coordinating human energy with their vision’s tasks, each us will be more likely to view our present situation as a learning phase that is leading to organizational and maybe global greatness.

Enroll Yourself Into The Finest Training And Assessment Courses In Perth

In order to take advantages of the best opportunities, many individuals secure a high quality education and required certification. After taking a degree and certification in a particular course, it could be a wise decision to pursue a career in training. Some people possess the talent for helping others and teaching them, becoming a trainer may be a perfect career progression. There is also flexibility for candidates to execute your train and assess courses within your work place or coaching organization. A lively and excellent learning environment of the best standards can help to perfect your skills at training and assessment.

If you want to ace your career and want a good start, then you must involve yourself in a training course so that it will help you to gain recognition in the chosen field. Getting a training and assessment course from a reputed training organization can help you to enhance and advance your skills for your future job. To get your training and assessment course it is obligatory to find one of the best training organisations. There are many reputed training organisations which are giving top notch training and assessment courses in Perth.

Trainwest is one such organisation which focuses in practical application rather than theory and shares their real world experiences from the areas of training and assessment, frontline management, management, and work health and safety. They help in improving the learning environment, learning to design plans, delivery and facilitation, as well as assessment. They offer many unique benefits to their learners at affordable pricing so, that more and more people could have access to training. They believe in maximizing the efforts of a learner so that he/she can immediately transfer to the job. Their workshops are revised regularly by the past participants, other trainers and research to ensure that content is relevant, reliable, current and fresh.

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