Avoid Negative People And Stay Happy

If you are on a mission to be happy it’s likely that you already know that happiness comes from within. External influences shouldn’t determine how we feel but sometimes they do.

Take for example negative people. These people might be friends or family, people we work with, or just people we meet in everyday life. It can be difficult to control who we run into everyday, and whilst it would be a nice idea to avoid negative people altogether, it’s not always possible.

There are however, some steps that you can take to minimise the amount of contact you have a negative people.

Start with people you can just switch off or ignore:

Switch off the news. Listening to an endless stream of death, destruction, danger and misery is bound to put a dent in your good mood. The one good news story right at the end won’t be enough to undo the previous 30 minutes of negativity. Whether or not you’re consciously aware of it, the negative news seeps into your mind and affects the way you think.

Avoid listening to radio phone-ins where the callers are urged to argue with each other over what really and truly feel like trivial matters. You’ll hear the anger in their voices and you might even start to feel some of their anger as you side with one caller or the other.

The same goes for newspapers and magazines. Reporters and editors like nothing better than writing about conflict and human interest stories that tug at the heartstrings. Empathy will draw you in and before you know it you’ll be feeling miserable.

As for the people you can’t ignore:

You may not be able to avoid all of the negative people at work, but do your best. Instead, surround yourself with colleagues who are enthusiastic and ambitious, all of their positive character traits will rub off on you and increase your positivity.

At home with your husband or wife and children, dealing with negativity can be difficult because these are the people you love and you really don’t want to avoid. Try to make sure that your own language is positive and don’t allow yourself or your family to speak of events using a victim mindset. Encourage your family to use positive language too and help them find positive things to take away from every situation.

Take the time to explain to your family why it’s important to avoid thinking or speaking in negative terms. Explain why you’re doing it and ask them to respect what you’re trying to do.

Negative people will bring you down, avoid them whenever you can but if you can’t, try to be in their company for as little time as possible. Just because they’re miserable doesn’t mean that you have to be.

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How To Learn Hindi Study Tips

You are a busy person and you are wondering how to learn Hindi. Learning a language takes a lot of time and effort. It also takes resources. You’ve set learning Hindi as a goal but you’re not sure how to reach it. Relax. Here are some tips for using good study habits to succeed. This is how to learn Hindi.

First of all, remember that you learn best a little at a time. You will learn more if you study for 30 minutes five times a week than you will if you sit down and spend three hours on Hindi at one time. Break it down even farther, if you can. Spend twenty minutes studying new material at some point in the day and ten minutes reviewing the same material later the same day. In fact, try to squeeze in that ten-minute review session right before bed. Your brain will process it while you sleep and you will learn better.

Secondly, remember to stay balanced in your approach to the language. Spend time on spoken Hindi as well as on reading and writing. Practice the conversations presented in your audio files, but don’t forget to drill yourself on the verb forms and on vocabulary. You don’t have to do it all every day, but over the course of a week, you should be sure to study all parts of your Hindi course. This is the best way how to learn Hindi comprehensively.

Thirdly, focus on things that give you problems. Study them until you learn them. Then they won’t be problems anymore. For example, do you have trouble with a particular verb conjugation? Do you frequently confuse a couple of vocabulary words that are something alike but just a little different? Are there a couple of letters of the alphabet that you get mixed up? All the time? Isolate those problems and learn them. It will make the rest of your study efforts so much easier.

Fourthly, do your work cheerfully. A good attitude will take you far in most aspects of life and learning Hindi is one of them. Take pleasure in learning that beautiful Devanagari script. Enjoy the conversations you learn. Be excited to learn about the cultural and historical background of India and the Hindi language. It’s fun. It’s a privilege to be able to dedicate yourself to it. Enjoy it as much as you can.

Fifthly, recognize your accomplishments and reward yourself for your success. Learning Hindi is fun and exciting, but requires dedication and work. Congratulate yourself for the effort you make. Every time you finish a lesson or a unit, every quiz you take, and every conversation you have with another student is a milestone on your path to your goal of speaking Hindi. So rent a Bollywood movie or take yourself out to your favorite Indian restaurant every time you pass one.

You’ve set yourself the goal of learning Hindi and you are working towards it. Congratulations! Isn’t it fun? Keep it up. You are discovering how to learn Hindi.


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Top 10 Wedding Songs For A Civil Wedding Ceremony

Your choice of wedding songs for your civil wedding ceremony will usually allow for music across many genres and can include both traditional and contemporary music. The only stipulation with a civil wedding ceremony is that your choice of songs should not have any religious references to them, other than that you are free to choose what you want.

With a civil ceremony you will not need to choose as many wedding songs as you would with a religious service. Typically you will need music for the brides entrance, the signing of the wedding register and for when you walk back up the aisle as man and wife. You may also want to have some form of background music to play whilst your guests are seated and to accommodate any delays before the service starts. Gentle background music also helps to calm any nerves and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Many couples like to choose a mixture of both traditional and contemporary wedding songs. Generally they will choose a traditional wedding march for when the bride enters and a contemporary love song for when they walk back up the aisle. When making your choice of wedding songs it is important to bear in mind the style and theme of your wedding and to also choose something which is representative of your style and personality. That said, it is also important to choose music which is appropriate to the occasion!

Your choices will help to create an atmosphere and to set the tone of your wedding day. The first song your guests will hear will be that which will announce the arrival of the bride so make sure it is dramatic enough to let your guests know you are about to make your big entrance!

A civil wedding ceremony allows you to have some fun with your choices, whilst leaving you open to choosing special songs that have some personal meaning to you both. Here is a list of some of the more popular wedding songs for a civil ceremony and which you may want to consider:

Unforgettable Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole
At Last Etta James
Only Time Enya
Cant Help Falling In Love Elvis Presley
Come Away With Me Norah Jones
Come What May Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor
The Look of Love Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach
Storybook Love (from The Princess Bride) Willy DeVille
Wedding Processional (from The Sound of Music) Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein
What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong

Z0-895 training

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Can You Use First Person In An Abstract For Science Fair Projects

One of the requirements of entering a science fair is to complete a science fair project report. To be graded or scored well, the student needs to use the correct format, voice, tone and style, and they will need to include the right elements. Fortunately, all of these things are easy to accomplish once you know what is expected of you.

Writing Style

The first question that many students have that relate to writing a science fair project report is if it is okay to write in the first person. Students cannot write in the first person when writing a science fair project report. The entire report needs to be written in third person. This can be tricky as students are discussing what they did and what they discovered.

In addition to writing the report in third person, students will also want to avoid creative tones in their writing. While students are encouraged to use similes, metaphors and other creative expressions in English class, these are generally not appropriate in science writing. Students want to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible. The key is to explain the situation with as few words as possible.


Clarity is one of the characteristics that judges will be looking for when scoring your science fair project. They are going to evaluate how easy your report was to understand, how logical it progressed from data to conclusions and how organized the overall report was. The design of your display board and you presentation will also be judged for clarity.

Formatting Your Report

Formatting is very important when you start science writing. To start with you will want to select a 12 point font that is easy to read, like Times New Roman or Courier. Next you will want to double space your report and create a one inch all around margin. Finally, you will want to add a header that includes your project title and a page number.

The format of your science fair project report will also need to follow a common layout. Most reports will have the following sections in this order: (1) title page, (2) abstract, (3) introduction, (4) background research, (5) methodology (experiment), (6) data and data analysis, (7) discussion and conclusions and (8) bibliography. Each of these sections will be broken down into sub-sections. For example, the methodology section will include subheadings of supplies and experiment design while the introduction will contain information about the hypothesis, the reason for selecting the topic that was selected and definitions of terms used in the report.

Meri Gains 2 New Professors

Two members of the MERI team, Alexei Nabok and Jacques Penders were awarded professional titles at the meeting of the Professional Committee earlier in July this year.

Alexei Nabok, ACES Professor in Organic Films and Sensors

Alexei Nabok graduated from Kiev University, Ukraine, in 1968 with a BSc/MSc degree in Radiophysics and Electronics. After a period working in the microelectronic industry in Kiev he joined the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Science of the Ukraine, as a research scientist. In 1984 he obtained a PhD in the Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics. In 1985 he joined the Academy’s newly opened laboratory of molecular electronics and, in 1994, became a senior research scientist and Head of the laboratory. In 1995/1996 Alexei visited Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield; in 1997 he joined the research group at Sheffield Hallam University’s School of Engineering. He is currently combining a senior lecturer position in the Department of Engineering and Mathematics with research work at the Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI).

His area of expertise is quite broad, stretching from solid state physics, semiconductors and microelectronics to thin organic films and nanostructures, analytical chemistry and bio sensing. In the last few years his research has been focused on the development of chemical and bio sensors. Alexei Nabok is the author of more than 130 publications including a solo publication “Organic and Inorganic Nanostructures” (Artech House, Boston, 2005).

Alexei’s expertise and knowledge, recognised at national and international level, has helped him to establish leadership in research at Sheffield Hallam University. Alexei is regularly invited to speak at international conferences. He also regularly acts as a reviewer for a number of scientific journals and for EU and BBSRC research projects. Over the last decade Professor Nabok has built an extensive collaboration network which includes academic and industrial partners from the UK, Europe, America and Asia. He has participated in, and coordinated, several research projects in the UK and the EU and has accessed approximately 500k in research funding over the last 10 years. Alexei is a Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology UK, and editor of BioNanoScience (Springer). He is a member of the American Chemical Society; the Ukrainian Physics Society; KTN Sensors UK; and of the steering committee of European Conferences in Organised Films (ECOF). In 2011 he organised a very successful ECOF conference at Sheffield Hallam University.

Alexei has supervised 13 PhD students at SHU (seven as DoS), and two PhD students in the Ukraine. The completion rate was 100%. Alexei has implemented his multidisciplinary knowledge in the development of teaching and learning practice in electrical and electronic engineering. His particular contribution has helped to bridge the gap between teaching and research, giving students a substantial theoretical background and developing practical skills, showing the links from the basic knowledge to the cutting edge of science and technology, introducing the most capable UG students into research, and working closely with PG students on the front line of research.

Jacques Penders, ACES Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Jacques Penders holds a PhD in Computer Science (University of Maastricht), MScs in Mathematics and Philosophy (both University of Amsterdam); he also graduated in Landscape Architecture. Jacques has worked in the laboratories of the Dutch Postal and later Telecommunication services before joining Sheffield Hallam in 2003.

Currently, Jacques Penders is the Head of the Centre for Automation and Robotics Research (CARR) at Sheffield Hallam University and Deputy Director of the Sheffield Centre for Robotics (SCentRo). ScentRo is a joint initiative of Shefield Halllam University and the University of Sheffield aiming to boost collaboration in robotics research across both universities and raise the national and international profile of Sheffield as a centre of excellence in robotics. Together with the President of BARA Jacques founded the (UK) Academic Forum for Robotics (AFR) which he currently chairs.

Jacques has been Lead PI in two National collaboration projects (NL and UK) and Coordinator (Lead PI) of four collaborative European projects, with the total of budgets close to 18 million.

Jacques’ research interests are in Natural and Artificial Agents and Robotics, with the focus on developing Autonomous and Collective Robotics. He currently pursues two tracks:

(1) Building and modelling groups of natural and/or artificial agents; this track includes collective and swarm robotics

(2) Cognition and Action: modeling cognitive agents aiming at designing artificial agents, which are to interact with human beings; this track includes mixed human-robot teams navigating in adverse conditions.

Online Study Material For Maths Olympiad

Maths Olympiads are conducted by several organizations across the country with the purpose of nurturing mathematical talent. One leading organization conducting the Maths Olympiad each year is the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). The SOF conducts the Maths Olympiad by the name of International Mathematics Olympiad. The National Board for Higher Mathematics in collaboration with Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education is another prominent organization that regularly conducts Maths Olympiads.

The SOF conducts the International Mathematics Olympiad each year in an attempt to nurture talent, help students gain confidence and to increase the spirit of competitiveness, The Maths Olympiad to be conducted in 2009 is the 3rd such International level Maths Olympiad to be conducted by the SOF.

The SOF sends out registration forms to schools both in India and outside to invite participation for the Maths Olympiad. It also sends out other relevant informational material pertaining to the Maths Olympiad such as posters, prospectus and updated information about date, venue and time of the International Mathematics Olympiad.

All schools with minimum registered participants of 50 students can take part in the Maths Olympiad conducted by SOF. The Maths Olympiad is conducted in two levels for students from classes II to XII. A student who clears the first level and secures a position in top 500 students can participate in the second level of examinations. The examination at both the levels is divided into three sections pertaining to Mathematical Ability, Logic & Analytical Reasoning and Everyday Math. The course content for the Maths Olympiad conducted by SOF is entirely based on the curriculum prescribed by CBSE, ICSE and other state boards.

Now, let us just talk about the goodies that you can win! A student who secures the top position in all the grades internationally wins a gold medal and a laptop. A student who secures the 2nd position in each grade wins a silver medal and a laptop. Other goodies like cash prizes, laptops, informational CD”s etc are awarded to the top 500 students for all the grades. Students who are unable to secure a position in top 500 but do manage to secure 50% and above, need not get disheartened! They are awarded a certificate of participation by SOF for having participated in the Maths Olympiad.

Apart from the prizes, a “Math Quotient” (MQ) Report is provided to each student after the Olympiad. The MQ report provides detailed feedback that helps students to develop their weak areas and thereby further encourages increased student participation in future Maths Olympiads. In addition to topic-wise strength and weakness analysis, the report also lists down details about the score, percentile, ranks secured by the student – school wise, city wise, state wise, country wise and also internationally.

How Diagnostic Testing Determines Your Child’s Best Education Curriculum

For many parents, the most important consideration when beginning to homeschool is choosing the right education curriculum. Though finding a curriculum that matches both a childs particular learning style and parents teaching style is important, what is equally critical is placing a child into a curriculum at the appropriate grade level. Therefore, diagnostic and assessments tests that contain standard evaluation criteria are key in helping your homeschooling experience be more enjoyable. Here are a few reasons why:

Diagnostic tests measure strengths and weaknesses As a yardstick for measuring a childs progress, most placement tests are in-depth and offer a variety of questions that truly evaluate a childs abilities. Because the test results display a students proficiency of skills, a homeschool parent is able to be much more effective as a teacher. Parents will not only determine the best lesson plans and teaching approach to use with an education curriculum, but theyll also find a way to make learning more fun and exciting.

Diagnostic tests eliminate learning gaps Not every child begins his homeschooling education in kindergarten. For many, homeschooling may involve transferring from a traditional classroom setting in a public or private Christian school. In these cases and also in cases where a homeschooling family switches curricula, parents can easily eliminate learning gaps. Diagnostic testing takes the guesswork out of placing a child into the right grade level and makes sure foundational skills in Bible, language arts, history, geography, math, and science have been covered. Plus, placement tests prevent the Im bored look that usually occurs when education curriculum repeats material already learned.

Diagnostic tests customize curriculum Assigning an education curriculum based solely on a childs grade level is not an effective approach for academic success. As many experienced homeschooling parents have discovered, most children do not fit into one cookie cutter mold that includes the same grade level in every core subject area. Some children may excel in math, but struggle with learning language arts skills, such as spelling, reading, and writing. For other children, the complete opposite might be true. Testing a childs abilities prior to placing him within an education curriculum will provide a better individualized learning experience.

Diagnostic tests save money Assuming a childs grade level and failing to administer placement tests for each subject can be a very costly mistake for a homeschooling family. The added expense of shipping and return costs for curriculum that wasnt challenging or too difficult needlessly depletes the homeschool budget. Having to discard partially-used education curriculum creates an even worse expense simply because a childs correct grade level wasnt accurately determined from the beginning.

Diagnostic tests provide peace of mind Homeschool parents repeatedly ask themselves if their child is really learning everything he needs to know. With diagnostic and placement tests, parents can finally put this worry to rest and be assured their child is exactly where he needs to be in his schooling.

Diagnostic tests identify special needs Although the thought is distressing, diagnostic and placement testing indicate if a child is performing far from the skills and abilities recognized for a certain grade level. Because the tests reveal more than just a poor performance, parents will ascertain if further testing is required to determine if their child may have a learning disability or special needs.

Clearly, the difference between success and failure in homeschooling comes down to correctly placing a child within the proper education curriculum. As more parents take on the responsibility of home education, they would be wise to not only take the time to choose the right curriculum, but also to find their childs current skills and abilities to place him in the appropriate grade level.