Batter And Instant Learning With Online Education

Learning have no age criteria now a day’s peoples have not enough time to going colleges and university but they want to complete their education. Those persons are working them doing jobs and self business but want to improve in career need to higher education. So it’s very good that we can learn online and complete our higher education. Some working women left her study due to family problems they also complete their education at home with the help of online education techniques. Today’s time is changed maximum number of peoples used internet facility to search their need. If we discuss about old learning method like class room teaching they are time consuming process and working peoples don’t able to attend all classes. So due to this reason they are not able to complete their education. Online education or virtual classroom provides better facility to learning. At home we can easily learn from good education center. There are no time limits we can easily manage our time according schedule. Advantage of e-learning facility E learning center provides facility to learn from home. Time manage according our schedule. Video and lecture notes provides by education center. We can touch with latest technology. Learning threw higher level teachers. If you are working person and don’t have enough time to complete their remaining education then online education is better way to complete your education. Form online education you paid only once and easily access any where any time your study material. Whereas in class room learning you should be go to your class. Online education provides maximum number of courses so you can choose according your choice like: Early childhood education Adult education Multicultural Education Urban Environment Education These courses are very helpful for those peoples who are tensed due to their child growth. At that time society environment are changed and it’s very tough to manage yourself according society culture. So we can easily join courses and learn modern culture techniques to give our child better education. In India at that time people are not aware with online education techniques. If you want good job and good career then you should be aware with urban environment culture. Only one way to learn is online education. If you want better education, better society culture and good education for your children then firstly improve yourself and only one way to improve yourself is online learning. So for your children good future firstly needs to improve yourself with the help of e-learning

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Slow Motion Golf Swing Proves Slowing Down Speeds Up Learning

When it comes to learning the golf swing, golfers should not be in such a hurry. They should just slow down. That is the secret behind the Slow Motion Golf Swing, an ingenious method of adding distance and accuracy to your golf swing.

Practicing in slow motion is a proven technique that beginners, and even accomplished professionals, have been using for a long time in many different fields. Take musicians for instance. When a guitar player wants to learn a difficult new song, he or she does not rush through the piece at high speed the first time. They practice slowly and carefully and at a pace that allows them to learn their way through the music.

When they use the Slow Motion Golf Swing, golfers put the same principle into their practice. By swinging slowly and carefully they can actually learn much quicker than if they were to just whack away at the ball at break-neck speed.

Slow motion learning speeds up learning for a number of reasons. It increases your awareness of what you are actually doing during the swing. It enhances feel and a sense of connection with the golf club. It develops a highly tuned sense of rhythm. In addition, it grooves the correct swing motion into your brain and nervous system, thereby improving your muscle memory.

All of these benefits serve to make your time at the practice range much more productive. Remember that practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.

Learning the golf swing is one of the most difficult things to learn in sports. Every year golfers spend millions of dollars on golf lessons in the hopes of finding out why their golf swing does not work. The Slow Motion Golf promises to turn every golfer who uses it into his or her own private golf pro.

Latent Learning


Learning is acquiring new or modifying knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information. Learning is broadly classified into two types namely Simple non-associative learning and Associative learning. Latent learning is a form of learning which comes under the category of Associative learning. This type of learning is not eventually expressed immediate to its gain of knowledge neither expressed in an open manner. Latent learning is that which one cannot see until there is some incentive to exhibit it.

This type of learning may not be given prior importance but one should understand the difference between learning and performance. For example, two friends may go to work in the same vehicle and the latter is driving all the time. The other person may gain the knowledge to drive the vehicle just by observing but may not have exhibited his knowledge. Only when certain emergency situation may occur the importance of latent learning is demonstrated. Early behaviourists doing research in the first part of the 20th century, such as Clark Hull, O. H. Mowrer and Edward Thorndike maintained the reinforcement in the form of punishment or reward was necessary for the learning of voluntary behaviours to occur.

An experiment conducted by Edward C Tolman and C.H. Honzik on latent learning provided some of the first evidence that reinforcement is not necessary for learning to occur. They provided one of the finest
and well known examples for latent learning. Latent learning often shows up in everyday life. Positive reinforcement causes one to perform for the first time a behaviour which has already been learned. Latent learning is given the name from the word latent which means existing but previously unknown. Latent learning on the other hand have disproved some of the basic assumptions of the early theories of operant conditioning.

Learning that is not demonstrated by behaviour at the time it is held to take place but that is inferred to exist based on a greater than expected number of favourable or desired responses at a later time when reinforcement is given is known as Latent learning. It is a learning that is not the result of determined effort and is not evident at the time it occurs, but remains latent until a need for it arises.

A famous quotation by Elizabeth Bishop on latent learning is stated as follows I have seen it over and over, the same sea, the same, slightly, indifferently swinging above the stones, icily free above the stones, above the stones and then the world.

Distance Learning Mca From Ptu

Did you know that a degree in Masters in Computer Applications(MCA) is as good as an engineering degree in computers? Yes, it is. This means that if you have not achieved great scores in engineering entrance exams and think that your dream of becoming a professional software engineer or networking engineer is about to break, then you can surely breathe a breath of relief. MCA gives you the chance to become a professional software expert and literally mint money.

The MCA degree from PTU has great significance, both for the career of the student and also from the money point of view. Today it is the era of information technology and internet. It drives everything around and has impacted everything around us. By becoming a master in computer applications, you get a chance to be a part of higher scheme of things. You can give form to your ideas and create valuable software that will increase the comfort quotient of the people.

A student can make the most of his MCA education if he attains practical knowledge during the tenure of the course. This is so because MCA is a field of scientific study and science is best learnt through experimentation. Only bookish knowledge and theory concepts will not make you the expert you want to be. Most of the universities offering MCA course have classes for the major part of the day. Therefore, there is no scope for the students to try the concepts that they have learnt.

An easy solution to this problem is to pursue MCA distance learning education program provided by Punjab Technical University. The distance learning program from PTU is amongst the best in the country and equips the students with the right knowledge about how things work. At the end of the day, it is the knowledge and the hard work of the student that matters the most. Distance learning MCA gives the students a chance to learn all the aspects of application development and networking building. Moreover, the PTU MCA distance learning degree students have the chance to pursue part time engineering jobs or work as interns in software and networking firms.

The practical experience acquired on the job is very valuable. Major international software firms and internet ventures are recruiting MCA students on a regular basis.PTU MCA correspondence is recognized by AICTE, the statutory body that grants recognition to university courses and degrees across the country.

Karnataka State Open University Offers Best Distance Learning Executive Mba

Karnataka State Open University was set up in the year 1996 under the KSOU Act, 1996. It was set up with the objective of providing higher education opportunities to the hundred thousand students in the state as well as the country who were not in a position to attend full time courses.

The University has been granted recognition by the UGC Distance Education Council (DEC), Delhi and various other educational associations like Association of Indian Universities, Delhi, Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), London, UK, Asian Association of Open Universities etc.

The seat of the Karnataka State Open University is at Mysore in Karnataka and has a lush state of the art campus complete with all the modern facilities of today. There is library, girls hostel, administrative office, guest house, and cafeteria and accommodation facilities for a limited number of people. During orientation programs and term end examinations, students and faculties come here from different parts of the country. Nowadays online examination pattern is being followed by the University.

The various traditional and professional courses provided by the University include B.A/B.Com, B.Ed., M.A./M.Com, M.Ed., MBA, M.Phil and a host of other courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. The course curriculum is designed in such a way so that it conforms to the international academic standards. This makes the students eligible for gaining international exposure through various Master programs or avail job opportunities in MNC and other kinds of organizations.

The KSOU has put in place an online examination pattern for conducting various semester and term end examinations. This means that students can give their exams online and get their results within 15 days. Normally, it takes 2 to 3 months for results to be declared under conventional paper-pen examination system. Very few Open Universities that provide distance learning courses have online examination pattern for the students.

Its latest innovation is the Online Learning Management System that gives the students a chance to learn in virtual classrooms. It has in essence proved its motto of Education, Anytime, Anywhere. Students can get to interact with the faculty and other students via satellite communication systems and solve all their doubts and queries.

There is a Personal Contact Program (PCP) that is held for the students enrolled in Online Distance Learning program of the University. The ODL has opened new avenues of opportunities for students who are not able to join regular University courses due to various socio-economic and career related problems.

Online Learning Imparts Cost Effective Education in India

India is a developing country with its population crossing over the billions mark. Still around 35 to 40% of the population is illiterate. Isn’t it strange? And the reason is simple- it is the inaccessibility to education because of the non-availability of schools and colleges in the respective towns and cities in all over India for the best education. In such cases, online learning programs in India becomes a lucrative solution not only for those people who cannot afford classroom education, but also for those who are unable to continue their education because of a number of reasons.

What is online learning?

Online learning is very different from traditional method of classroom learning. In India, online learning basically means out of classroom mode of study i.e. study via internet. In this, unlike classroom teaching, students are not under the direct supervision of teachers but students are engaged in self-directed and self-motivated learning. Direct interaction is possible with the teacher through the medium of internet, all your queries are solved online and your performances are also evaluated by your assignments that you send online.

Advantages of online Learning

1.Flexible timings as per your need and requirements. You can set your own time-schedule.

2.Easy availability of updated online materials.

3.Your problems can be solved within few minutes by interacting with the mentors directly via online medium. In other words, you can say that it helps in saving your precious time.

4.Moreover, as per the student’s convenience and grasping power, different courses are designed to specifically meet the desired results of improving performance.

Moreover, High quality online learning programs in India are designed not only for students but also for the employees of various reputed organizations in order to impart them effective training from time to time. However, it totally depends upon various online education institutes that whether they provide this education free of cost or charge some nominal fees. There are several institutes in India that are famous for imparting free online education.

It is a crucial fact that with the rising importance of education in India, the concept of online learning cannot be ignored. Students across India can not only save their time and money, but also procure from time to time authentic and reliable knowledge about the various topics. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that these online learning programs act like a boon for number of students residing in India.

Topper Learning is an education system which provides which provides curriculum-related content specifically for students, Online Learning India programs for students to learn and gain knowledge of professional courses. So Free Online Learning India becomes more famous amongst the working youth of India.

Learning To Deal With People Experiencing A Lot Of Stress

Each of us has our own way of dealing with stress, but sometimes we have to deal with friends, coworkers, or family members that are under a great deal of pressure. There are two personality types that are common and that tend to have easily recognizable patterns of behavior. Learning about these patterns can help you better deal with people who are stressed out and affecting you by increasing your own tension levels.

The extreme-anger type is characterized by lashing out at people around them for small things that normally would not be a problem, or turning talking points into shouting points. When dealing with the extreme-anger type, you have to remember that what they are freaking out about is not the problem, just an opportunity to vent.

Instead of focusing on what your angry comrade seems to be upset about, you have to side-step that conversation and move on to the root problem that is bothering them. By helping the extreme-anger type open up about their problems, you get a better look at them as a person and have the opportunity to tell them how their problems appear to a person who is not enraged. Hopefully, you can help them to move on and deal with their problems directly instead of making life difficult for everyone else.

Another pattern many people fall into when they are stressed is the sky-is-falling mentality. This is in many ways the opposite of the extreme anger type. The sky-is-falling person knows what is bothering them and is usually willing to share the laundry list of current stress factors in their life. Instead of lashing out at people around them, they feel sorry for themselves, and loath the infinite number of things that are keeping them from enjoying life.

Other than solving their problems, there is usually not much you can do for the sky-is-falling type. Trying to console them can be somewhat effective, depending on just how bleak they feel their situation is, but most likely their mood will not improve considerably until they have made decent progress on solving or eliminating their stress factors.

Remember that everyone has patterns of behavior when feeling stressed out, and that there are more than just the two patterns discussed in this article. Recognizing your own behavior when the tension rises is just as important as learning about the patterns of others, and trying to change our behavior to help others better deal with us is just as important as figuring out the behavior of people around us.

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Distance Learning Can Help Finish College Fast!

Distance learning can be defined as an education program imparted by a university beyond the barriers of its campus and taken by a student outside the walls of a university. Distance learning program is a medium that connects students to the universities of the world and can assist in finishing college fast.

Distance learning programs are becoming the most popular and viable way of teaching and learning. More and more people are registering for distance learning programs of different universities. Distance learning program gives freedom to a student to learn at his own pace, his own schedule and at his own convenience.

Distance learning is imparted through the electronic media and study materials supplied by the university for a particular course. It helps people to upgrade their educational qualification even when they are tied up in their working schedule. Some business houses also use distance learning to train their employees as it is less time consuming, less expensive and adds to the human resource enrichment of the business house.

To enroll for a distance learning course one must be sure as to what kind of specialization one is looking for. An extensive study must then be done to find out in details about the universities that offer the course wanted. The time duration of the course, the fees, the software needed and the time of exam must also be checked. The most important factor that should be checked is that whether the school or university is accredited or not, one should not register in a university which is not accredited.

Every coin has two sides and distance learning program is not an exception to the rule. While distance learning program is advantageous as it helps people to continue with their education despite of their demanding schedule it also has some disadvantages. It may fail to motivate a student to study resulting in no good for the candidate, this shows registering yourself is not sufficient, you must also have a drive in yourself to continue with the study. The success of distance education also depends on the success of the technology. And without a good support system and infrastructure the distance learning may be a failure.

Thus we can say that distance learning is a boon for todays busy and demanding world but it also demands a significant level of maturity from its students. But you can succeed in finishing college fast.

Usmle Learning Strategies Strategic Use Of Time

Effective studying for great USMLE score requires that students comprehend, retain, retrieve and use information. These are the primary elements of the SQ4R method: Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Review-Reflection. In lieu, medical students should learn to set daily, weekly and longer-term goals by establishing schedules in a workbook. Students monitor their own progress and adjust their work or goals as necessary, if their performance does not match their own expectations.

To strategically use your time, self-talk is encouraged so that you can be desensitized by imagining anxiety-provoking situations when relaxing. Monitoring and diagnosing require that students determine in advance where they will stop in the text to assess their level of comprehension. As they reach each stop point, they asses their understanding and take corrective actions as needed to achieve maximal USMLE scores.

Effective time management contributes to learning and achievement. Time management components of short-range planning and time attitudes are significant predictors of USMLE scores. Effective use of time is partly a function of use of goal setting and planning. These procedures in turn, prompt the medical students to engage in other self-regulatory activities such as self-monitoring of progress.

Typically, USMLE review programs are already integrated with instruction and practice on topics to facilitate better use of time such as becoming a strategic learner, roles of goal setting and self-management, time management planning, study strategies including note taking, listening, underlining, summarizing and coping with stress as well as test taking strategies and organizing a setting for learning.

One problem with study time for USMLE Steps is that medical students often do not realize how they really spend their time. A good measure is to have yourself keep a time log for a week to show how much time you devote to each task. You will be surprised at how much time you waste. USMLE review instructions and sessions must address ways to eliminate these or reduce such waste to achieve the best USMLE scores.

Another common problem is failing to understand how long tasks take to complete your USMLE review. A useful exercise is to have yourself estimate the amount of time various tasks will take and then to keep a log of the actual time and record these with the estimates to determine their accuracy.

Many times, medical students need a change in work environment. Too often they try to study in places with distractions such as friends, telephones, televisions, refrigerators, stoves, video and audio equipment and so forth. Some medical students may benefit from light music or noise in the background but almost everyone has difficulty concentrating when many potential distractions are present such is the what an in-house USMLE review desires to elimimate: a review environment that is free from distractions. Medical students should complete an inventory of study preferences and present study conditions to determine whether changes are necessary to achieve their best USMLE scores.

Multiplication Games For Learning

Flash cards are an excellent way to sharpen multiplication skills when learning the times tables. Rapid response is encouraged and competition is fun when playing the game of Bingo with multiplication flash cards for prizes. Count the number of students playing and make enough copies for everyone using a variety of Bingo cards. Next create multiplication flash cards that calculate the product of the numbers on the cards, for example: a Bingo card has the numbers 21, 45, and 12; the corresponding flash cards would create those numbers (7×3, 9×5, and 6×2.) The first student who successfully answers for a row of numbers across, down, or diagonally wins. Another fun, familiar and competitive multiplication game to play is Uno, but first the rules are changed just a bit. Uno is usually played by discarding cards that are the same color or number until a winning player is left with one card. Players in multiplication Uno use factoring to discard, where cards are put down according to whether or not the cards in hand are a whole numbered multiple or factors of the last card. If supplies are short, a great game for multiplication table learning requires only group participation and voice. Multiplication families such as three’s or two’s are singled out in the game called Buzz. A number between two and nine is picked out by a game leader, who is chosen by the teacher. Once the number is chosen, the leader then starts the count at one and each player takes turn counting up from one. When a multiple of the chosen number is reached, the player who would say that number instead says the word -buzz-. If the player does not say -buzz- then they are out; this also includes if a player says -buzz- when the number is not actually a multiple. When one player is left, the winner of the multiplication game of Buzz is determined and a new round can begin. Another multiplication learning opportunity with flash cards is a game called Flip Up and is created with a simple deck of cards. Two students sit across from each other with an equal amount of cards (none of which are face cards or jokers) and much like the card game war, they flip cards from their pile. A player wins a round when they call out the correct multiplication of the flipped cards. Recess and math class meet up when multiplication activities are fun and engaging.

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