Distance Learning Mca From Ptu

Did you know that a degree in Masters in Computer Applications(MCA) is as good as an engineering degree in computers? Yes, it is. This means that if you have not achieved great scores in engineering entrance exams and think that your dream of becoming a professional software engineer or networking engineer is about to break, then you can surely breathe a breath of relief. MCA gives you the chance to become a professional software expert and literally mint money.

The MCA degree from PTU has great significance, both for the career of the student and also from the money point of view. Today it is the era of information technology and internet. It drives everything around and has impacted everything around us. By becoming a master in computer applications, you get a chance to be a part of higher scheme of things. You can give form to your ideas and create valuable software that will increase the comfort quotient of the people.

A student can make the most of his MCA education if he attains practical knowledge during the tenure of the course. This is so because MCA is a field of scientific study and science is best learnt through experimentation. Only bookish knowledge and theory concepts will not make you the expert you want to be. Most of the universities offering MCA course have classes for the major part of the day. Therefore, there is no scope for the students to try the concepts that they have learnt.

An easy solution to this problem is to pursue MCA distance learning education program provided by Punjab Technical University. The distance learning program from PTU is amongst the best in the country and equips the students with the right knowledge about how things work. At the end of the day, it is the knowledge and the hard work of the student that matters the most. Distance learning MCA gives the students a chance to learn all the aspects of application development and networking building. Moreover, the PTU MCA distance learning degree students have the chance to pursue part time engineering jobs or work as interns in software and networking firms.

The practical experience acquired on the job is very valuable. Major international software firms and internet ventures are recruiting MCA students on a regular basis.PTU MCA correspondence is recognized by AICTE, the statutory body that grants recognition to university courses and degrees across the country.